Lord Lucan’s son (Lord Bingham) is one of a number of relatives of missing persons who are seeking to take advantage of a relatively recent change in the law. This change followed a concerted effort to change the law championed by many, including relatives of the missing chef Claudia Lawrence and Manic Street Preachers lead singer Richey Edwards. Lord Bingham wishes to have a final decision made so that the stories of his father being seen in Africa and India can be, for want of a better phrase, laid to rest and for his life, and that of his family, to move on.

The Presumption of Death Act 2013 which received Royal Assent in October 2014 seeks to clarify and codify a previously archaic system that lead many relatives to express frustration that they could not put closure to the legal and financial affairs of those who had been missing, without trace, for periods of in excess of 7 years.