It is interesting that this article highlights some of the history Facebook has in terms of relationships from its origins as a “digital traffic light party” of availability. More recently we have a number of clients come to us and frequently reference their spouse or ex-spouses behaviour on there; whether it was evidence of adultery they found on their or some significant recent purchase while their finances are yet to be resolved.

This article also brought to mind the role Facebook played in a previous case a few years ago when tracking down a clients’ ex-wife. She had moved to an unknown location in Spain and would not respond to telephone or ‘dead letter’ correspondence. Options for contact were wearing out when a young member of my team remembered a recent precedent from Australia where papers had been served via Facebook. We spoke to the judge and in spite of his amazement at my new found Facebook knowledge he duly granted the Order which was so served via Facebook.

I am not sure they will come up with a button to prevent that just yet though.