Giving money to charity with Gift Aid adds 25% from the government but a gift to your family could save your family an extra 40%.  As this article shows £3000 per tax year may not seem a great deal of money but it could add up over many years.  Nevertheless, this £3000 sum has not increased since 1986....  If the government had increased this annual allowance by RPI the sum would now be £8000 per person per tax year.   

Still, remember there are other allowances you can utilise for your family, such as small gift exemption and gift out of surplus income.  Whilst both of these allowances seem easy to rely on they can cause all sort of issues for your family once you have died. 

Whilst you are alive you should not just read what you are allowed to give away but also check out what HM Revenue and Custom require to be declared when you die, as that is not always easy for family to deal with!