When parents separate, occasionally one of them may seek to move from the local area with the children, be that abroad or just to another part of the same country.  If the other parent opposes the move, then an application can be made to the family courts, and it will then be for a judge to decide whether or not the green light should be given for the move to go ahead.  The court will scrutinise the plans of the parent wishing to relocate and check to make sure that they are well-founded and not simply intended to frustrate contact between the children and the other parent.  The impact upon the quality of the relationship the child or children can still have with the other parent left behind will also be considered, as well as the extent to which any detriment can be mitigated.  Specialist legal advice should always be sought promptly when this situation crops up, particularly for the parent opposing the move before it is too late.  Here's a recent example where a parent did get the go ahead to move.