While HMCTS have announced that future employment judgments will be easily accessible to the public online from Autumn 2016, they have yet to make a decision on whether past judgments should also become available online.  

The fall out of this would mean that employers could use this online service as part of their pre-employment checks to see if a prospective candidate is litigious, prospective employees can search against a company's name to form a view as to whether they are a good employer or not, clients/customers, the competition etc. could potentially access this information resulting in a detrimental impact on the company's reputation. 

Employment Tribunal judgments have always been a matter of public record, but to obtain a judgment you currently have to write to Bury St Edmonds Tribunal Service, enclosing a cheque for £10 and specifying the parties names.  So the 'public' thus far has been used in the loosest terms, soon 'public' will really become just that and I think it will become a key influencer for both parties to settle claims.